Calorie Counting Professional Sports Skipping LCD Monitor


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Skipping Category: Electronic Counting Rope
Rope Length: 2.8 m (Personal)
Rope Handle Material: Plastic
Skipping rope Material: Rubber
Press the fitness effect options: overall weight loss / body sculpting / Body

Color: Black / Green 1114-B gray / purple 1114-A black / gray 1114-C Black / Orange 1114-D black / blue 1114-E

Products have strong muscles, relieve fatigue, relieve stress, promote blood circulation, exercise response capacity, arm and leg movement ability, long-term exercise skipping, enhance physical fitness play a great help, but also to teach good slimming effect, is the men and women exercise essential small fitness equipment.

Package Included:
1x Rope skipping


Color Black & Blue, Color Black Green, Color Black+Orange, Color Grey+Purple


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